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At Web Agent Chat we're dedicated to our customers and offer 24/7 chat, email and phone support.

This is why our clients are now even more in touch with there customers than ever before.

Green Skips " Web Agent chat allowed our business to connect with customers like never before, instead of picking up a phone, they can simply open a chat with our sales team directly in their browser! This saves us money on call centers, and the customer money on call charges! "
Green Skips " We used to outsource our support lines to another company that charged our customers by the minute, and cost us a monthly fee. With Web Agent Chat we were able to do away with the external services and operate support in our main offices, and it costs less! "
Green Skips " Having a call centre costs money and is cumbersome to operate, especially when your dealing with accents, poor lines and different languages. With Web Agent Chat it makes getting support fast and simple for our clients and our agents find it easier to communicate with the clients, we love it! "